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Atle Mo
Atle Mo


Designer at Vivaldi Browser - Founder of www.subtlepatterns.com. Father, husband and a third thing. < I stole that line from Jenny.

css, graphic design, html, maxon cinema 4d, motion graphics, photography, ui, ux, web design

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  3. Vivaldi 3.0 redshift3d redshift c4d dark ui branding illustration cinema4d browser 3d vivaldi
  4. UI icons for Vivaldi Browser icon set vivaldi glyph glyphs icon ui icons
  5. Automatic Tab Stacking Machine white blue robotics robot cinema4d c4d illustration gif loop animation browser 3d vivaldi
  6. Vivaldi.com web design webdesign white hero vivaldi whitepsace layout webpage web page mockup web site website
  7. Turning 35 type legos isometric green pink redshift cinema4d c4d technic lego illustration 3d
  8. 3D Material Displacement Exploration lights bump wobble material materials texture displacement cinema 4d 3d
  9. Home is where the icon is vivaldi icon shiny loop animated 3d cinema 4d
  10. Vivaldi 2.2 Hero browser illustration shiny isometric peach 3d cinema4d icons vivaldi
  11. Add Bookmark SVG Animation vivaldibrowser vivaldi browser transition bookmark animation svg
  12. Vivaldi Squircle Icon Pack loop colorful colors longshadow circle icon pack icon vivaldi squircle
  13. Craft Beer beer craft craftbeer label typography images bottle packaging
  14. Vivaldi Sketch desktop web webbrowser ui browser vivaldi
  15. Abandoned icons round path vivaldi mask circle icons icon
  16. Preview form purple green outline thumbnail template
  17. Vivaldi 3d depth illustration ui browser vivaldi
  18. Abandoned concept vivaldi v red type logo geometric glossy sharp
  19. Subtle Sans headline font hairline
  20. V Icon icon v vivaldi flat shadow vivaldibrowser
  21. Subtle Patterns 2014 refresh flat subtle patterns green
  22. Type and color treatments color typography fonts images
  23. Mesan.no type dof clean
  24. Search Box search box orange button
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